Installing Your New Pipe Freeze Protection Valve

If you are thinking about installing a pipe freeze protection valve then you are going to find that is not too difficult to install. You can put these in many different places but that is very important to know because you want to make sure that your pipes are going to be protected again the worst of cold weathers out there.

There are going to be something’s that you are going to need to get, they will be;
1.A wrench
2.A pipe freeze protection valve
3.A few pipe tie straps also

Sometimes when the winter comes, the weather reaches the worst of temperatures and can cause problems with your pipe work. You might have to install a pipe freeze protection valve to make sure that you can protect your pipes as best as you can of course, you will need to make sure that
wherever you are putting this valve that it’s the best position for your pipes. You need the discharge of the valve to go through your pipe work and they will need to be short also; you don’t want to worry over standing water that can freeze. You will have to tap the line however, after you have done that you can attach the valve into place; you could choose to use a pipe tap for
securing the valve into place. Now it comes to your pipe tie straps; you don’t want anything that will be a problem with your discharge tube so you will have two different choices. So when you will install the pipe tie straps then you want to make sure that these are going to be securely over the pipes and your tube also.

You don’t want to tighten them too much because you might damage them from time to time so be careful of course; you still want to be able to move the piping around the tubes. The straps are going to fit over the piping and should also have something which is adjustable also. With the grooves in place then you will find that the pipes are kept into place with these. You really will now have to look at the installation of your freeze protection valve; if you have the valve installed at the lowest point then the valve will be best suited there. There might be so people that will want to install dual valves instead which will mean the freeze valve will be connected to the closest ball valve so that means you will have to tap into the line. You will just have to
screw the valve to your tap and you are done. Here are some tips as to help your situation with your drainage; you really do want to have all the necessary drainage that your system can handle so you really do want to make sure that you have your valves in the downward position. That is
very important of course to get the right amount of drainage, make sure that your flow is going to be in the same direction as how your nameplate of the valve directs also.