The 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Get The Second Date Revealed

Most of the time, we expect about the second date if we think that things went well on our first date. However, we end up waiting for days and even a week without any word from them. Things happen, but we will always think about what happened on why we didn’t get to be asked the second time around. Check out the possible reasons why you don’t get to the second date.

1. You are disrespectful

It is your first date, and you don’t know anything about the person. It is best if you will keep your attitude in check. You need to be mindful and set your boundaries when it comes to your attitude. You are not close so making fun of the guy might offend him. Nobody wants to be looked down upon.

2. You seem desperate

Girls are not the only one that has a strong intuition. Guys have that too most especially if they can sense that the woman they are dating is desperate trying to tie the knot. Do not interrogate the man. It is not appropriate. You are attempting to get to know each other so don’t give out hints that you are just looking for someone to marry.

3. You are too independent

Alright, I’m sugar coating it. If on a date and you keep on telling the guy on how much you can handle yourself, it is you sending a signal that you don’t need a man. Stop insinuating those guys are all the same. It will be implying that you are already generalizing the whole flock of men.

If you haven’t received any call from the guy you dated asking you out for the second time, assess what happened on your first date. If these three instances were present, stop waiting because he will not call you back. And check out free cowboy dating site –

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