The Top 4 Places In The World That Holds Romantic Legends

Whether we are a romantic person or not, we have all heard about different places that have amazing stories behind it. Different things can be done that people believe will help them find the best luck when it comes to relationships. Check out the top places in the world that hold romantic legends that will make us all fall in love.

1. Suspension Bridge at Cornell University

As the legend says, the couple who would pass through this suspension bridge must kiss and if they will not do so, the bridge will fall. It is a legend, and there is nothing to worry about because the suspension bridge is sturdy and it has never collapsed.

2. Juliet’s Wall in Verona

We all know who Juliet is based on the classic novel of William Shakespeare. People leave notes on the wall asking for Juliet to bless them with their relationship goals. The people who put their notes on the wall are looking to have a forever with the person in their hearts.

3. Mount Huangang

You and your partner need to climb the 1000 ft high mountain before you can reach the peak. Once you are on the highest point of the mountain, put the padlocks you have on the guard chains. It means you are already locking the love you have. After that, you need to throw the key on the cliff.

4. Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin

Why visit this place? It’s because it is the place where St. Valentine is buried. We all know he is the saint full of love. If you will ask for a blessing of for an everlasting love, there is no better place to do it than where St. Valentine is.

These are the top four places to visit that are believed to have good luck in relationships. Of course, we can’t just put everything into luck, but there is no harm in believing for a happy ending.

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